Go Call the Po-lice, Go Call the Gov-uh-nuh: Empress Dina Manzo Returns to Reclaim the Throne

Prayers have been answered.  The heavens have opened up.  Bottles of Fabellini were popped.

OG Jersey Housewife, Dina Manzo, has officially re-joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey come season six.  Manzo took to Twitter to release the greatest news from Jersey since the departure of her sister, Caroline Manzo.  

Dina tweeted:

Well I guess the (hairless) cats out of the bag. Yes I’m back, Unlike the past this time it felt “right”~ See you on Bravo my friends xo

Along with Dina’s return, Bravo has supposedly signed on twin sisters, Nicole and Teresa Napolitano, to the cast as well as their friend Amber Marchese.

Wonder who else is leaving…?

For more on the news, click here.

"Kenya is currently dating an African oil tycoon"

Now I ain’t saying she a gold diggah~

Kenya is a mild version of Danielle Staub, but if she keeps skipping her daily medications she’ll surpass Danielle come next season.

All in favor of seeing Queen Phaedra stun Kenya, say ‘I’…

More happy than I should be about this.  Day made, ladies.  Day made.

More happy than I should be about this. Day made, ladies. Day made.

Remember when I used to liveblog? I’m so inconsistent.

Anyways, my thoughts on RHOBH season three and reunion…

  • Yolanda is such an asshole.  She always claims to stay away from the drama, but she  really enjoys bringing stuff up - even when she’s not involved in it.  People call her “the peacemaker” but if someone else does what she does they’re an asshole.  That I don’t like.  You’re not so high and mighty, sugar tits. 
  • Brandi is also an asshole, but I also like her.  Kinda.  She plays victim way too much, but then likes to bash others.  
  • Every single women on this show has done the same thing at one point or another, yet people pick and choose who to bash.  I think people praise and cherish the wrong people at times.
  • I really miss the old Adrienne.  The one who was respectful and trustworthy - the voice of reason.  
  • I’m so happy to see Kim where she’s at now.
  • I really miss the friendship between Kyle and Lisa.  I still adore Kyle.  She’ll forever be my favorite.
  • The lack of Taylor this season worries me of her absence come season four.
  • I really liked Faye in season one, but she’s getting kind of…out of line.
  • I absolutely adore Marisa.  Love, love, love her.

I’m sure there’s more that I might add later.  If something did ‘t make sense I’m a little doped on NyQuil, so pardon me.

I’m just going to leave this here…yes I bought it.  FIGHT ME!

Gone With the Wind Fabulous | Kenya Moore

Sexy and they know it.

Sexy and they know it.

Bitch will cut a hoe…

Brandi please, you flirt with the potted plants around Beverly Hills.